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Cosplay Italia 1.6.12 (beta)

Cosplay Italia aggiornato!!

Solo notizie ufficiali dai vostri cosplayers preferiti !

Tutte le notizie ufficiali da:

Bibix Cosplay, sono Beatrice, sono laureata in Architettura e sono anche una designer, mi diverto con la creazione di cosplay, scenografie e postproduzioni!

BlazerAxel, 22 years I Turin (Italy) Cosplayer, Streamer, Gamer since 1994, lover of colored hair and eater of pizza!

Cosplay Hub, è il sito di riferimento per tutti gli appassionati di Cosplay in Italia

Fantasy and Costumes, nasce dalla passione per anime,film e cartoni. Crea con noi il tuo cosplay!

Georgia Moonmint, my real name is Giorgia, I’m 22 and I’m from Rome,Italy. COSPLAYER – PHOTOMODEL & MAKE-UP ARTIST. Founder of: Game of Thrones Italian Cosplay Group

Giada Robin, Professional Italian Cosplayer & Model, Gamer and Official Partner of

Giorgia Cosplay, Presenter, cosplayer, model, singer, actress and performer

Lady Sinner, I’m an Italian cosplayer, Lady Gaga sosia, cosmaker and non professional model. Please, like my page and support my works ♥


Leon Chiro, Italian Professional Cosplayer, Model, Gamer & Athlete

Maffin Cosplay, Hello, I am Maffin! Cosplay is one of my passions. In life I deal with make-up special effects, scenic material.

Meryl Sama, Italian cosplayer, model, gamer.

Partners In Crime, italian cosplayers realizing original characters and singing exhibitions, but also movie, comics and videogame cosplays!

Renhet Cosplay, ♥ Cosplay!!!!!Fantasy!!!Cosplay!!! ♥ reenact, LARP, GRV.

Sara Rouge, Cosplayer dal 2013 e Make up artist con certificato da Diego dalla Palma

Spartano Cosplay, Cosplay is Art !! Cosplay is Freedom !!!

Download new 1.6.12 version here:

GooglePlay cosplay italia app


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